Our towns and neighbourhoods are distinct in character but united in the purpose of helping everyone to flourish at home.

A new approach

Built around the lifestyles and challenges of today, our revolutionary platform of design, delivery and stewardship is an entirely new approach to creating places.

Picking our locations

We select locations that offer the joys of country living — such as fresh air and an abundance of nature — while remaining an easy, sustainable journey away from key urban hubs.

One vision

Our architects and designers conceive and design places from first principles. From community-wide energy grids to exemplary health and education facilities, every decision is guided by one bigger vision for the place.

Live with nature


Grow your own healthy food

Community gardens are located throughout our neighbourhoods, providing a feast for the eye and the stomach. We're supporting farm shops, local markets and planting hundreds of fruit trees in orchards and back gardens.

Bringing the country to the town

Our neighbourhoods are alive with wildflowers, well connected open green spaces, hedgerows and ancient trees. We prioritise blue spaces and use rainwater for nurturing street trees, reed beds and rain gardens.


Zero carbon living solutions

E-scooter and cycle schemes

Automated transport shuttles

Electric car charging points

Site-wide cycle, scooter, walking and skate paths

Solar PVs and roof tiles for powering and heating homes

Sites are powered by renewable energy

Batteries for storing surplus energy

Up to 70% of homes built with MMC for increased energy efficient

Up to 70% of homes built with MMC, drastically reducing construction waste

Water bottle refill stations installed to prevent plastic bottle consumption

Packaging to be compostable, biodegradable or recyclable

Easy separation of organic compostable waste and non-organic recyclable waste

FSC certified timber used for home construction

Natural materials used where possible, to lower VOC content

Materials Passports to help with future material reuse, recycling and adaptation

Local materials used where possible, to lower carbon footprint of transport