Calling all landowners

We work with landowners across the country to create exceptional new carbon-neutral communities. To scale our impact and help more people to flourish at home, we now require more land. If you have a site that might be suitable for residential development, we’d love to talk with you. 

What makes the Latis offer so unique?

— We deliver homes using new methods of construction to reduce waste, minimise emissions and support the green economy  

— We unlock true sustainability by working with best-in-class infrastructure partners

— We power all developments with energy from renewable sources 

— We boost biodiversity levels through interventions such as rewilding, Sponge City Principles and avoid the removal of significant ecological features 

— We collaborate with leading architects and urban placemakers, such as Create Streets 

— We create homes in the traditional local vernacular   

— We work closely with our partners and contractors throughout the process to ensure homes and places are delivered to a high quality

What are we looking for? 

— Brownfield or greenfield land

— Allocated plots within the local plans 

— Sites with outline permissions expiring no sooner than 12 months before the permission deadline 

— Emerging locations for garden villages or areas of growth

— Substantial sites, ideally a minimum of 45 homes

Our hardworking Latis Land team carefully consider every proposal. To get in touch regarding an opportunity, drop us a line and we can arrange an initial discussion. Together we can achieve extraordinary things.