Calling all landowners

We work with landowners across the country to create exceptional new places. To scale our mission and help more people to flourish at home, we now require more land. If you have a site that might be suitable for residential development, we’d love to talk with you. 

What makes the Latis offer so unique?

— We collaborate with leading architects and urban placemakers, such as Create Streets 

— We create homes in the traditional local vernacular   

— We work closely with our partners and contractors throughout the process to ensure homes and places are delivered to a high quality

— We unlock true sustainability by working with best-in-class infrastructure partners

What are we looking for? 

— Brownfield or Greenfield land

— Allocated plots within the local plans 

— Sites with outline permissions expiring no sooner than 12 months before the permission deadline 

— Emerging locations for Garden Villages or areas of growth

— Substantial sites, ideally a minimum of 45 homes

Our hardworking Latis Land team carefully consider every proposal. To get in touch regarding an opportunity, drop us a line and we can arrange an initial discussion. Together we can achieve extraordinary things.