At Latis, we’re building the communities of the future.

Imagine a place that encourages healthy living, with easy access to nature and green spaces. Where you can grow your own food, walk to a farm shop or artisan bakery, and easily explore the local countryside on foot or by bicycle. A place that reconnects you with the land, your neighbours and the sense of community that we long for.

Imagine a home that’s built according to the latest environmental standards using the highest quality, sustainably sourced materials. Where the design is inspired by nature and kind to the environment, with solar-powered electricity, rainwater harvesting, and energy-efficient heating and ventilation systems.

Imagine a community that draws on technology to make everyday life easier. Where you can call on tech-enabled services to get things fixed, quickly and simply. Where local produce is delivered to your door, where parcels are dropped off at a convenient time, where you can book a bicycle or electric car when you need one.

Latis is building these homes and creating these communities. We are offering people the flexibility to rent or buy, according to their lifestyle choice. We’re investing in a vision of a new style of community that supports healthy, happy living and attracts people who share our values. We’re in it for the long-term because we want to see these communities evolve and grow.

The Latis way. Building communities for a sustainable future.